Wellington Get Ready!

April 10 2021

We’re excited to announce the next Wellington Hug A Pug event will be held on April the 10th, at Brewtown, Upper Hutt.

For more information in the lead up to this event please follow our facebook page, and if you are bringing your pug please register below. All attending pugs must be registered with us before the event.

Register your Pug

Thank you for your interest in Hug A Pug!

Hug a Pug Wellington is run by a local group of pug owners, Wellington Pug Grumble. If you are bringing your pug along to help with the fundraiser, please join the Facebook group as this is where important details will be discussed in the lead up to the event. Pug owners click here to be taken to our Facebook group

Our main responsibility is the safety and welfare of our furbabies, so here is all the important information.

It is vitally important that your pug is up to date with their vaccinations. This is for their protection – we don’t want any precious pugs getting sick or spreading any illness through the pug community. If your pug is showing signs of not feeling 100% please do not bring them to the event.

If you know that your pug displays aggressive behaviour or is apprehensive around strangers, loud noises or big crowds, this might not be the event for you. Your pug’s comfort and safety is paramount, so please do not bring them along if this situation may make them uneasy.

The Council generally hear about our events and may show up at any stage, so please ensure your council registrations are up to date.

This event is open for all pug and pug-cross breeds. If you also own a non-pug, you are welcome to bring your other dog/s along if they are small-medium size, however please keep all large breed dogs away.

Please bring along anything your pug will need on the day. This includes your collar or harness, lead and council registration tag, water bowls, water and poo bags, picnic blanket and/or chair for you and your pug to sit on. Your pug will need to be leashed at all times. Be very mindful that there will be a lot of people around and pugs off their leashes can be very quick. We don’t want any pugs getting injured, lost or stolen.

Please note that we reserve the right to ask any owner and dogs to leave during the event if we feel that other dogs or people are being put at risk.

If you have any questions about the Hug a Pug event, please feel free to contact us.

Email: hugapugwelly@gmail.com

Phone: Vanessa 022 653 8683

Registration Form

Register your pug
Please confirm your Pug is fully vaccinated? (We are only accepting vaccinated pugs at this event) *
By submitting this form I agree to and understand the following. I understand that the organisers of Hug a Pug do not take any responsibility for any injury or harm caused during this event. I understand that at any stage my dog and I may be asked to leave if my dog is showing signs of anxiety, stress or aggression or there is any undue risk exposed to the general public at the event. All money taken on the day is the property of the organiser who in turn will deposit this to the NZ Pug Rescue fund. Failure to hand any donations to the organiser (or delegated officials) would be deemed as theft. *

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 About Our Cause:

New Zealand Pug Rescue

NZ Pug Rescue

What do NZ Pug Rescue do?

NZ Pug Rescue provide educational breed information and co-ordinate Pug Rescue/re-housing New Zealand wide.

They take in Pugs of any age, including those with health issues. Most are able to be placed into pre-approved new loving homes. Those that are unable to be placed because of age or health problems get to live out their lives in one of the team’s own homes.

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